Well that time is upon us…….Springtime.  Most of us absolutely relish in Spring as we come out of the darker skies of winter and the lack of color in the landscape to greening grass and Spring flowers.  If you are like me, the Winter blues are a real thing. The lack of sunlight impacts my moods and I feel more fatigue.   Spring brings me a renewed energy and excitement for what the next months have to offer.  In the real estate world that offering is absolute chaos. 🙂  Buyers come out in droves as they prepare to move during the summer breaks from school in order to get their families settled before August rolls around.  As most of you probably know, the housing market has been on fire. We have so many buyers looking for that dream of owning their first home or getting into a new one that suits their family better.  The COVID pandemic did not change those desires or delay them, but what has happened in our market is that there is a significant shortage of homes to buy.   When comparing last February to this February in Jackson County the number of sales increased by nearly 11%, but the inventory supply decreased by over 58%.  Those numbers are staggering and left Jackson County with a supply of less than one month!  Let’s look at that in real numbers.  In February 2020 there were 1774 active listings on the market and in February of 2021 that number was 733.   What does all of that tell us about the market?  It clearly tells us that the current market is a strong sellers market, and that sellers are getting top dollar on their homes.  Buyers are fighting it out in multiple offer situations on almost every home that hits the market.  But it’s not all gloomy for buyers as the current interest rates, although creeping up a bit, are still amazing and locking in now will save people thousands and thousands of dollars over the life of their home loans.  Yesterday, the first day of our beloved Spring there were only 43 homes listed into the Heartland MLS system that covers a wide are of Kansas and Missouri around the KC area.  Now is the time sellers, it is time to make a move and turn that home into the money producing investment that it should always be seen as.  We love our homes, they have built so many memories, but those memories follow with you.  As a former therapist the significance of these emotions and memories is not lost on me one bit, but neither is the fact that a huge profit from a great investment is critical to our financial planning as well.  Are you scared of not being able to buy a house after you sell?   Well depending on your situation, many times sellers that are also buying have an advantage.  Many are using conventional loans and have a significant chunk of equity to put down which is appealing to listing agents and their sellers.  It sure doesn’t hurt to talk to a lender and explore  your options.   I  have sellers that have jumped aboard and even decided to sell now, rent for a bit,  and catch the buying market when things stabilize a bit.  I never usually say the word rent, but I think many of the sellers know exactly what they are doing.  They have run the numbers and know that it is a financial win for them.  Run your numbers……………….it may be time for a big win for you, too!