Spring has Sprung

Well that time is upon us.......Springtime.  Most of us absolutely relish in Spring as we come out of the darker skies of winter and the lack of color in the landscape to greening grass and Spring flowers.  If you are like me, the Winter blues are a real thing. The lack of sunlight impacts my moods and I feel more fatigue.   Spring brings me a renewed energy and excitement for what the next months have to offer.  In the real estate world that offering is absolute chaos. :-)  Buyers come out in droves as they prepare to move during the summer breaks from school in order to get their families settled before August rolls [...]

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I just love my clients

Some of the very best moments as a realtor are the silly little visits I get to make to past clients.  We call these pop bys and this year has made it very hard to do them, but I just had to do some for Christmas.  Not only do I get to see past clients, catch up and have a little fun, I also get to put my kids to work in the process.  This year I took over 40 gifts out to past clients.  Next pop by will be for Valentine's Day so if I did not catch you at Christmas be on the lookout ;-) [...]

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The Home Buying Process

Looking for the perfect new home can be a daunting task. Your mind may be filled with questions that can feel overwhelming at times. In what part of town should I live? What type of home would be the best fit for my family? How can I be sure that I've seen everything that might be a good possibility? How do I present an offer? How much should my offer be? How can I be sure I'm getting the best price for the house I want? Using a buyer's agent can put your mind at ease. Here are five good reasons why you should: Reason #1: Using a buyer's agent is practically free [...]

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