Tricia Dygert

Core Values

  • Communication- “listen with understanding” With great communication the potential for problems is greatly diminished. We fully understand all aspects of communication whether verbal or nonverbal and pay close attention to the finer details.
  • Teamwork- “teamwork makes the dream work” We recognize the importance of working as a team with clients, other agents and all of the people involved in a successful transaction.
  • Integrity- “acting with selflessness” Making decisions based on values rather than personal gain
  • Accountability“never pass the buck” We own our mistakes and face them head on.
  • Proactive“see the big picture” We see the potential outcomes and plan accordingly, always having a plan for what “may” happen.
tricia dygert

I was born and raised in Napoleon, MO and have lived in the Kansas City area all of my life. Growing up on a farm gave me great insight into buying and selling acreage properties as well as traditional residential property. I have two Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Missouri, one in Social Work and one in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Kansas. I know… how in the world does someone go to MU and then KU? (well that’s a good example of how I always see the big picture and not just the one thing screaming in my face, ”but it’s our rival”)

After 10 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker doing intensive in home marital and family therapy, I entered real estate, and carried with me all the principles and values from life as a helping professional. So how does having a helping professional as a real estate consultant help you? In doing so, my focus remains on my clients–on their well-being and their happiness–not a sale. Buying and selling a home is far more than just a real estate transaction, it is a life transition, and I am fully equipped to handle the happiest of those moments as well as the saddest. I am not a salesperson; I will always be a helping professional, and my focus will forever be the bigger picture; you and your family.

I want to find you a home…a place you love, feel safe in and will build lasting memories with your family. If you happen to be having a tough time in the process of buying or selling, my skills will help you throughout the way. My training in communication skills enables me to be completely in tune with you and your needs, as well as, able to negotiate out the best deal for you with other agents and professionals.

I currently live in Blue Springs and work hard to be a great wife, mother and killer real estate agent 😊